Buying an investment property

Searching for the best places to buy investment property? US Mortgage offers affordable loans for investment property.

Want to Buy investment property?

Here’s When to start!

You are Financially stable.

High ROI( Return on Investment)

Enough Time to Invest

How to Buy Investment Property?

From signing to settling, US Mortgage will help you make your dream come true!

Things to consider before buying Investment Property

Learn the ins and outs of the real estate market!

Know your Financial Situation

Be clear with your credit score, current expenses, loans, and initial deposit required in investing homes.

Housing market trends

Who doesn’t want to invest in a property that rises over time? So it’s important to track rental trends, and housing market indicators to find the best real estate properties.

Property Taxes

Keep in mind that homeowners have to pay various taxes based on their home value. Talk to our local mortgage lender to know the overall estimate of property taxes.

Planning to buy with a partner?

The best way to pool your money, and split the cost, and profits equally. Make sure to choose the right loans for investment property.

Instant equity, cash flow, and growth

This is the property trifecta to shortlist the properties. It may take some time as a very less % age of properties are worth investing in.

  • 1

    Connect with our Financial Advisor.

  • 2

    Find a suitable Investment property.

  • 3

    Hire a Home Inspector.

  • 4

    Place a bid & Get Approved

  • 5

    Evaluate the Insurance, taxes & disclosures.

  • 6

    Choose the right loans

  • 6

    Negotiate the contract of sale.

  • 7

    Sign in the contract with the vendor.

Didn’t find your best place to
buy investment property in 2022?

Check the top and trending locations with unbaised mortgage lender reviews
in the US to buy a favorable rental property!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arlington, Texas

Atlanta, Georgia

Boise, Idaho

Cincinnati, Ohio

Expert’s Tips to finance Investment Property

Ready to invest in real estate? Well, it is the best decision to earn long-term benefits.
Below are some tips that can improve your chances of success:


Sizeable down payment

Make sure you put down a minimum of 20% or more to get accepted easily by the vendor. The better the size of your down payment, the lower will be your mortgage interest. It’s as simple as that!

Finance your Home Equity

Use your primary residence for secure financing of your investment property. You can choose from home equity loan, HELOC, or cash-out refinance loan options.

Single-purpose reverse mortgage

Be a Confident Borrower

Maintain a good credit score to get a low interest and influence the loan terms. If possible negotiate with the vendor before locking in the contract.


Owner Financing

To become a potential buyer, use your right to finance at your own terms. It indicates to the seller that you are seriously interested in buying the investment property.

Investment Property Loan Calculators

Based on your gross income, home equity, expenditure, and current loans,Get a free estimate
that how much you can borrow and the monthly repayments you need to pay!

FAQs about buying an investment property

Investment property can be a good source of passive income for the long term. Most of the borrowers earn profits by using rental income to pay the maintenance cost, property taxes, mortgages, and other expenses.

  1. Excellent regional growth drivers.
  2. Better transport facilities & Accessibility.
  3. Presence of several different industries.
  4. Government Approved Spending in the region.
  5. Education Proximity and childcare facilities. 
  6. Local unemployment & vacancy rates 

The minimum down payment is 20% to buy an investment property in most US states.

Contact our licensed loan advisor at (800) 562-6715 to evaluate your credit score and monthly repayments.

When you buy an investment property, you need to pay various taxes such as

  • Agents fees
  • Monthly payments
  • Corporate fees
  • Interests
  • repairs and renovations.
  • Other fixtures.

Unlike other investments, buyers enjoy the leverage to minimize the taxes and maximize the ROI (Return on Investment). Here are the top #5 unique tax advantages:

  1. Depreciation
  2. Negative gearing
  3. No tax deductions on withdrawing from equity loans
  4. Exemptions from capital gains tax.
  5. Claim Interest on Mortgage.